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Managed Services

Utilising the latest Managed Services systems we can monitor all services on your network – this reports back the complete status of your servers and workstations every few minutes.  This allows instant alerting to any issues that need attention.

Some of the services that are monitored are:

  • SERVERS – disk space, backup status, automatic and regular patch updating, anti virus status, errors and alerts
  • WORKSTATIONS – regular patch management, anti virus updates, errors an alerts
  • PRINTERS – near-empty toner alerts, jam notifications
  • INTERNET – web security and policy adherence, monitoring and notifications
  • OFFICE 365 – monitoring and management of your Office 365 suite


Keeping your anti virus and backup systems working efficiently and up to date is vital. Just as important is keeping all your programs such as MS Office, Flash, Adobe Viewer, Java etc up to date so they are as secure as possible – we utilise automated patching to regularly apply critical patches to your software


Websites, mail servers and other critical services such as Remote Desktop Gateways and VPN Servers are monitored every minute by our monitoring system, alerting us to any service outages as soon as they occur allowing us to remedy as quickly as possible


Your critical onsite backups – using Shadow Protect SPX – are monitored every evening, reporting into our central control panel so we can monitor and verify your backups –  an alerts is raised if any backup does not complete successfully. Besides this automated monitoring of backups, some clients elect to have us login and test backups periodically so the quality of the backups and the ability to restore them is constantly scrutinized.

Offsite backup using our cloud-based facility affords an extra layer of protection for your data – to meet medical data storage requirements backups are encrypted before they leave your office and remain encrypted until needed.